What Time Do Shops Open in Barcelona on Sunday?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Barcelona

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Planning a trip to Barcelona and wondering what time the shops open on Sunday? Whether you want to explore the local markets, indulge in some retail therapy, or simply need to grab some essentials, it’s important to know the opening hours to make the most of your visit. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the typical opening times for shops in Barcelona on Sundays, so you can plan your day accordingly.

Morning Opening Hours

While Sunday is considered a day of rest in many countries, Barcelona has a more relaxed approach to Sunday trading hours. Most shops, including major shopping centers and retail stores, open between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Sundays, which allows visitors and locals alike to enjoy a leisurely morning before heading out for some shopping. This is a great time to beat the crowds and explore popular shopping destinations such as Passeig de Gràcia and Portal de l’Àngel.

Lunch Break and Siesta Hours

It’s important to note that many shops in Barcelona close for a few hours in the afternoon. This is traditionally a time for locals to have lunch and take a siesta. From around 2:00 PM or 2:30 PM until 5:00 PM, you’ll find that smaller independent shops, boutiques, and family-owned businesses may be closed. However, larger shopping centers, malls, and supermarkets generally remain open during this period, offering visitors an opportunity to browse and shop.

Afternoon and Evening Opening Hours

After the siesta hours, shops in Barcelona usually reopen between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Sundays. The exact opening time can vary depending on the location and type of store. Shopping centers like Maremagnum and Las Arenas typically remain open until 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM, allowing you to shop until later in the evening. Local neighborhood shops and smaller stores may close earlier, so it’s a good idea to check the specific opening hours if you have a particular store in mind.

Exceptions and Holidays

While most shops in Barcelona follow the general opening hours mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind that there may be exceptions and variations. Public holidays, such as Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, often have different opening hours and some shops may be completely closed. Additionally, during special events or local festivals, shop opening hours may be altered. It’s always a good idea to check in advance or consult the local tourist information center for up-to-date information.


When it comes to shopping in Barcelona on Sundays, you can expect most shops to open between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM in the morning, close for a few hours during lunch and siesta time, and reopen between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM in the evening. Larger shopping centers generally have longer operating hours compared to neighborhood shops and boutiques. Remember to be aware of public holidays and special events that may affect opening hours, and always double-check with the specific store if you have any doubts. Happy shopping!

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What Time Do Shops Open in Barcelona on Sunday?