The Meaning Behind FC Barcelona’s Emblem

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Barcelona

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FC Barcelona, one of the most successful football clubs in the world, boasts a striking emblem that represents the club’s rich history and values. In this blog post, we will explore the meaning behind FC Barcelona’s emblem and its various elements.

The Shield

At the center of FC Barcelona’s emblem is an iconic shield. The shield is divided vertically into two halves – one has blue and red vertical stripes, and the other half displays the club’s name. Here’s what each element symbolizes:

Blue and Red Stripes

The blue and red stripes on the shield represent the traditional colors of FC Barcelona. The blue stripe represents the sky, while the red stripe symbolizes bravery and determination.

The Name

The name “FC Barcelona” displayed on the emblem signifies the club’s identity and the pride it takes in representing the city of Barcelona. It showcases the club’s devotion and loyalty towards the city it calls home.

The Ball

Just above the shield, you’ll notice the presence of a football. The ball in FC Barcelona’s emblem is more than just a representation of the sport. It represents the club’s passion for football and its commitment to excellence on the field.

The Colors

The colors used in FC Barcelona’s emblem carry significant meaning as well. Here’s what each color represents:


Blue, one of the primary colors in the emblem, symbolizes the sky and serves as a reminder of the club’s ambition to reach great heights in the world of football.


Red, another primary color in the emblem, represents bravery, courage, and determination. It reflects the club’s fighting spirit on the pitch.


Yellow is a secondary color used in the emblem. It signifies the sun, energy, and optimism. It represents the club’s positive and enthusiastic approach to the game.

The Ball Evolution

Over the years, FC Barcelona’s emblem has undergone several changes, particularly in the representation of the football on the emblem. The ball has evolved from a classic leather ball to a more modern design, adapting to the changing times while still capturing the essence of the sport.

The Motto

Below the shield, you’ll find the club’s motto: “Més que un club.” This Catalan phrase translates to “More than a club” in English. The motto reflects FC Barcelona’s role as a cultural and social institution that goes beyond football. It emphasizes the club’s values, including its commitment to diversity, human rights, and community engagement.


FC Barcelona’s emblem is more than just a visual representation of the club. It encapsulates the club’s history, values, and ambitions. The shield, the ball, the colors, and the motto all come together to create a powerful emblem that reflects the identity and passion of FC Barcelona.

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The Meaning Behind FC Barcelona’s Emblem