Must-Visit Restaurants in Barcelona

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Barcelona

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Barcelona is known for its vibrant food scene and offers a wide array of culinary delights. From traditional Spanish tapas to innovative international cuisines, the city has something to satisfy every palate. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona and want to make the most of your dining experience, here are some must-visit restaurants to add to your list:

1. El Nacional

If you’re looking for an immersive culinary experience, El Nacional is the place to be. Located in a stunning 19th-century building, this Barcelona food hall features four different restaurants and four specialized bars, each offering a unique dining experience. From Iberian ham and seafood to traditional Catalan dishes, El Nacional showcases the best of Spanish cuisine under one roof.

2. Tickets

Tickets is not just a restaurant; it’s an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Created by famed chef Albert Adrià, brother of Ferran Adrià of El Bulli fame, Tickets takes the concept of tapas to a whole new level. The restaurant is inspired by the world of circus and offers a playful menu with innovative dishes that will delight your taste buds. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance to secure your spot.

3. Bar Canete

For a taste of authentic Catalan cuisine, head to Bar Canete. This traditional Barcelona restaurant is known for its excellent seafood, succulent meats, and an extensive wine list. From the classic paella to fresh fish dishes, Bar Canete offers a true taste of Catalonia. The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and is often frequented by locals, which is a testament to its quality.

4. Dos Palillos

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, Dos Palillos is a must-visit restaurant in Barcelona. Chef Albert Raurich, a former chef de cuisine at El Bulli, combines traditional Asian flavors with modern techniques to create a unique fusion menu. The restaurant offers both small plates and tasting menus, allowing you to sample a variety of dishes inspired by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.

5. Can Vallés

For a truly local experience, head to Can Vallés, a traditional Catalan restaurant that has been serving customers for over 100 years. Located in the Gracia neighborhood, Can Vallés offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy classic Catalan dishes such as calçots (grilled spring onions) and botifarra (Catalan sausage). Don’t forget to try the famous crema catalana for dessert.

6. Cervecería Catalana

When it comes to tapas, Cervecería Catalana is a crowd favorite. This bustling tapas bar is always packed with locals and tourists alike, thanks to its extensive menu and authentic atmosphere. From patatas bravas to jamón ibérico, Cervecería Catalana offers a wide selection of tapas to suit every taste. Be prepared to wait for a table, but rest assured that the delicious food is well worth it.

7. La Boqueria

Although not a traditional restaurant, La Boqueria deserves a spot on this list. As one of Europe’s largest and most famous food markets, La Boqueria is a paradise for food lovers. Located just off Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas, this bustling market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, and more. Grab a bite to eat from one of the market stalls and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.


Barcelona is a food lover’s paradise, and these must-visit restaurants will take you on a culinary journey through the city’s vibrant gastronomic scene. From traditional Catalan cuisine to innovative fusion dishes, Barcelona offers something for every taste and budget. So, be sure to add these restaurants to your itinerary and indulge in the delightful flavors of Barcelona.

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Must-Visit Restaurants in Barcelona