History of Barcelona Jerseys

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the history of Barcelona jerseys! Whether you’re a die-hard Barcelona fan or simply interested in the evolution of football jerseys, this article will provide you with an in-depth look at how the famous blaugrana colors and designs have changed over the years.

The Origins (1899-1910)

In the early days of Barcelona Football Club, the team would wear a straightforward design comprising vertical blue and white stripes. The shirts were made of cotton and had a simple buttoned collar.

The Blaugrana Stripes (1910-1920)

It was during this period that Barcelona adopted the iconic blaugrana striped design that has become synonymous with the club. Blaugrana, which means “blue and deep red” in Catalan, features vertical stripes of alternating blue and claret.

This striped design was influenced by the Swiss club FC Basel, and Barcelona made it their own. The collar became round instead of buttoned, and the shirts were still made of cotton.

Experimenting with Collars (1920-1940)

During this era, Barcelona began to experiment with different collar styles, moving away from the traditional round collar. They introduced a V-neck collar, which added a touch of modernity to the jerseys.

Additionally, the blaugrana stripes were now accompanied by a solid-colored chest panel, often in blue or claret. The materials also shifted from cotton to a more durable and comfortable fabric known as wool.

The Introduction of Crest and Sponsorship (1940-1960)

In 1941, Barcelona added their first-ever club crest to the jerseys. The crest featured the club’s initials, “CFB,” surrounded by a circle.

During the 1950s, Barcelona started incorporating sponsor logos on their jerseys. This marked a significant shift in the commercialization of football. However, the logos were not as prominent or central as they are today.

A Splash of Modernity (1960-1990)

Barcelona’s jerseys in this era showcased various styles and designs. The stripes became wider and bolder, and the club experimented with different color combinations. They even introduced yellow as a secondary color in some jerseys.

The collars evolved as well, with the introduction of the Polo collar, which added a sleek and stylish touch.

The Rise of Sponsorship and the Nike Era (1990-present)

In the 1990s, Barcelona jerseys became heavily influenced by sponsorship deals. The club secured a partnership with Nike, leading to a more modern and dynamic design approach.

Over the years, Barcelona introduced various innovative designs, including gradient stripes, horizontal stripes, and commemorative editions celebrating club milestones. The jerseys became increasingly lightweight and tailored to improve performance on the field.


The history of Barcelona jerseys is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of football fashion. From simple cotton shirts to technologically advanced, sponsor-laden masterpieces, the designs have captured the hearts of both fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Next time you watch Barcelona play, take a moment to appreciate the rich history behind the blaugrana stripes they proudly don on the field.


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History of Barcelona Jerseys