Big Tech Companies in Barcelona – Driving Innovation in Spain’s Tech Hub

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Barcelona

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Welcome to Barcelona, Spain’s vibrant and rapidly growing tech hub! In recent years, Barcelona has become a hotspot for tech startups and established big tech companies looking to tap into the city’s innovation ecosystem. In this blog post, we will explore some of the major tech companies making a mark in Barcelona. Whether you’re a local resident or planning to visit the city, this guide will give you insights into the exciting tech landscape in Barcelona.

1. Amazon

One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Amazon, has set up its Tech Hub in Barcelona. With a focus on research and development in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based technologies, Amazon attracts top talent from around the world to its Barcelona office. The company offers a range of technical and non-technical career opportunities, making it an exciting place to work.

2. Facebook

Facebook, known for its social media platform, has also chosen Barcelona as one of its key locations in Europe. With a strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration, Facebook’s Barcelona office works on projects related to virtual reality, augmented reality, and connectivity. The company has a diverse and inclusive work culture and provides various opportunities for personal and professional growth.

3. Oracle

As a global leader in database management and cloud services, Oracle has a significant presence in Barcelona. The company’s Barcelona office focuses on research and development, providing innovative solutions and technologies to its customers worldwide. Employees at Oracle benefit from a dynamic work environment and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.

4. HP

HP, a well-known name in the technology industry, has established a strong presence in Barcelona. The company’s Barcelona office serves as a hub for its research and development activities, with a particular focus on 3D printing, immersive computing, and sustainability. HP offers a wide range of career opportunities and encourages its employees to pursue innovative ideas and projects.

5. Telefonica

Telefonica, a Spanish multinational telecommunications company, has its headquarters in Barcelona. With a focus on digital transformation and connectivity, Telefonica plays a crucial role in shaping the tech scene in the city. The company provides numerous job opportunities and promotes a collaborative work environment to support its ambitious goals.

6. King

King, the creators of the popular mobile game Candy Crush, has a significant presence in Barcelona. The company’s Barcelona office is known for its game development expertise and focuses on creating engaging and addictive mobile games. Employees at King enjoy a creative work environment and have the opportunity to work on globally recognized game titles.

7. Glovo

Glovo, a Spanish on-demand delivery startup, has grown rapidly in recent years and is headquartered in Barcelona. The company’s platform connects customers with a wide range of delivery options, including groceries, food, and other products. Glovo offers various career opportunities and is an exciting place to work for individuals with an interest in logistics and on-demand services.

8. Schibsted

Schibsted, a Norwegian media group, has its technology hub in Barcelona. The company’s Barcelona office focuses on the development of digital marketplaces and classified advertising platforms. Schibsted provides a fast-paced and dynamic work environment, with opportunities to work on innovative digital solutions that have a broad impact.


Barcelona has emerged as a thriving tech hub, attracting major tech companies from around the world. The city offers a vibrant ecosystem for innovation, collaboration, and career growth. Whether you’re interested in e-commerce, social media, telecommunications, or gaming, Barcelona has something to offer. Consider exploring career opportunities or simply indulging in the exciting tech-related events and initiatives happening in this captivating city.

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Big Tech Companies in Barcelona – Driving Innovation in Spain’s Tech Hub