2 Euro Shot Bar Barcelona – The Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Barcelona

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Introduction: Why Visit a 2 Euro Shot Bar in Barcelona?

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona and looking for a unique and affordable nightlife experience, a 2 Euro Shot Bar is a must-visit. These lively establishments offer a wide variety of shots at incredibly affordable prices, making them popular among locals and tourists alike. In this ultimate guide for absolute beginners, we’ll explore everything you need to know about 2 Euro Shot Bars in Barcelona, from where to find them to what to expect.

Where to Find 2 Euro Shot Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to numerous 2 Euro Shot Bars, scattered throughout the city. Some of the most popular areas to find them include:

  • La Rambla: This iconic street is not only packed with tourists, but it’s also home to several 2 Euro Shot Bars. It’s a vibrant and central location, making it an ideal starting point.
  • Gothic Quarter: This historic neighborhood is known for its narrow streets and charming ambiance. Here, you’ll find hidden gems with great deals on shots.
  • El Raval: Located close to La Rambla, El Raval is a trendy and multicultural area with a thriving nightlife scene. It’s worth exploring for some unique shot bars.

The Unique Experience: What to Expect

Stepping into a 2 Euro Shot Bar in Barcelona is like entering a world of vibrant energy and camaraderie. Here’s what you can expect when you visit:

Affordable Shots

As the name suggests, the highlight of these bars is their affordable shots. For just 2 euros, you can choose from a wide selection of flavors and varieties. From classic tequila shots to creative concoctions, there’s something to suit every taste.

Lively Atmosphere

2 Euro Shot Bars are famous for their lively atmosphere. Expect music, laughter, and great company. These bars often have friendly staff and a diverse crowd, making it easy to strike up conversations and make new friends.

Shot Challenges and Games

Some shot bars in Barcelona even offer shot challenges and drinking games to enhance the experience. From “dizzy bat” to “flip cup,” these games add an extra element of fun and excitement to your night out.

Themed and Quirky Decor

To create a unique ambiance, many 2 Euro Shot Bars in Barcelona have quirky and themed decor. Whether it’s a neon-lit bar or walls adorned with graffiti, you’ll find yourself immersed in an eclectic atmosphere.

Tips for Enjoying Your Night Out at a 2 Euro Shot Bar

To make the most of your experience at a 2 Euro Shot Bar in Barcelona, consider these helpful tips:

  • Arrive early: To secure a table or a spot at the bar, it’s best to arrive early, especially on weekends when these bars can get crowded.
  • Try different shots: Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different shots. Step out of your comfort zone and discover new flavors.
  • Stay hydrated: While it’s tempting to enjoy one shot after another, remember to drink water in between to stay hydrated.
  • Make friends: The friendly atmosphere is perfect for meeting new people. Strike up conversations and make lasting memories.
  • Drink responsibly: Remember to drink responsibly and know your limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable night for everyone.


A visit to a 2 Euro Shot Bar in Barcelona is a fantastic way to experience the vibrant nightlife of this incredible city without breaking the bank. With their affordable shots, lively atmosphere, and unique ambiance, you’re guaranteed a memorable night out. So, grab your friends, head to one of the many shot bars around Barcelona, and enjoy a night filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable experiences!

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2 Euro Shot Bar Barcelona – The Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners